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Commissions Info and Prices by Tekila-onRice Commissions Info and Prices by Tekila-onRice

How to order:

  • Send me a note here on dA. I require a description of what you want.   I can work with pure text-references but I prefer image-refrences if possible.

  • I will then make a first rough sketch. That is the point where you can ask for edits and changes, once I get your 'Okay' to start working there will be NO MORE CHANGES/EDITS!

  • After the sketch has been approved I will ask for your payment via invoice (do not sent me money on your own!). Once I got the money, I will finish the commission.

  • I'll message you with a full sized file once the commission is done. 

  • I do NOT sell prints. Digital copy only.

  • A commission might take anywhere from 1 day up to a month depending on what is going on in reallife and how complex the piece is.
    I might take a while till I get your comission done. I have a reallife and might be occupied with more important stuff.
    So please be patient and don't spam or rush me!


  • For maps, be it world-, city- or townmaps, I need a rough idea of the shapes you want for landmasses and/or towns.
          If you don't provide a shape as a reference I will invent something on my own.


  • I can refuse commissions

  • I can and will stop working on a commission if you get rude or disrespectful (also I will blacklist people who do that)

  • There will be no refunds once you approved the sketch.

  • People asking for free commissions will be blacklisted.

  • You can ask for Work in Progress-screenshots anytime. 

Commissions I'm currently working on:


Also please do not contact me via comments about commissions. I will not answer these. Note only ;)
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November 22, 2016
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